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Dusty Herrmann

Dustin is in the business of building and restoring classic BMWs. He builds cars that are solely meant to be enjoyed and there is something in wine making and viticulture that he finds very familiar to that. Wine is for enjoyment and pleasure. Dustin finds that in all aspects of wine.

Garrett York

Garrett is a writer and educator. He was introduced to wine by his wife, Kendall. He and Kendall have two sighthounds and belong to the Studebaker Driver's Club of America.

Taylor York

Taylor has been brewing beer for more than a decade, and has a deep appreciation for living beverages. His love of wine came out of a desire to explore a craft that is similar in so many ways, but vastly different in others. He values the community and conversation that wine brings, with its many varieties and ever changing characteristics.


Winemaking happens here. We don't own our own vineyards, so we depend on small-scale farmers, who have become friends, across Southern California. Rather than starting with an idea of what our wines should be, we make wine determined by the unique character of each vineyard and our region. Ultimately, without our farmers, we would be nowhere.

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